XBox HD-DVD-ROM on Mac and PC

HD-DVD drives are getting closer, but aren’t terribly easy to come buy – yet. [Dan] over at uneasy silence let us know that he cracked open an XBox 360 HD DVD Drive and plugged it into a windows box and a mac. With a light application of some drivers, they got the drive working pretty easily – the snag? You’ll need a mini-ata adapter if you want to mount it internally. (And there’s apparently no HD-DVD software support for mac… yet.)

[you can just use it as a USB drive.]

Podcast 7

Here’s podcast 7. This is a short review of the last week or so’s favorite hacks. Audacity crashed out after my first recording, so I used Garageband this time – the bonus: you get each hacks images along with the audio. The rss feed is here.

[Yes, I started to recover the files, but it was easier to re-record]