Podcast 7

Here’s podcast 7. This is a short review of the last week or so’s favorite hacks. Audacity crashed out after my first recording, so I used Garageband this time – the bonus: you get each hacks images along with the audio. The rss feed is here.

[Yes, I started to recover the files, but it was easier to re-record]

9 thoughts on “Podcast 7

  1. Adding the images is nifty and all…but I can’t play an m4a on my mp3 player, dude! I just found your podcast, and I’m really liking it, but if you switch to m4a’s I’m screwed. (Yeah, I could transcode…but I’ll be honest, I’m not going to bother). Just my $0.02.

  2. good stuff will. keep these podcasts coming. it’s great. maybe you could consider interviewing one of the founders of Team Hackaday Folding@Home team for the next interview podcast. BTI, or goliath. Drop a line at the forum.

    it would be better as .mp3. much more wider known format that works on more players (though, i had no problem playing it on my psp).

  3. I like the addition of images, maybe they could be used for more than just the picture that came with the hack post? m4a is a video format, maybe if the site has a good video of the hack in action that could be added?
    I’d say keep the podcast as .mp3 for the reasons posted above, but if you made an .m4a video that could go on the website.

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