Late Night Mini-extra

I’ve been pulling some long days between driving everyone around in the snow and winding up the HD projector How-To. I’ve received a few more entries to the Design Challenge. You’ve got ’til Christmas!
[bruce land] pointed us to Cornel’s ECE576 final projects. The results using FPGAs are pretty impressive.

[jbauer] noted this site on hacking Insteon power controls sans the $200 SDK.

[dayne] sent along his USB xmas lights how-to. Pretty simple, but useful for cube decorating.

[pillowcase] tuned another innocent bluetooth headset into a bluetooth sound interface. (Goodwill gets these things now?)

Oh, and if you want ethernet for your xmas tree/candelabra/etc, these guys show you how.

I was pondering building a new karkomp, and was happy to find that there’s actually an open source nav program.