Late Night Mini-extra

I’ve been pulling some long days between driving everyone around in the snow and winding up the HD projector How-To. I’ve received a few more entries to the Design Challenge. You’ve got ’til Christmas!
[bruce land] pointed us to Cornel’s ECE576 final projects. The results using FPGAs are pretty impressive.

[jbauer] noted this site on hacking Insteon power controls sans the $200 SDK.

[dayne] sent along his USB xmas lights how-to. Pretty simple, but useful for cube decorating.

[pillowcase] tuned another innocent bluetooth headset into a bluetooth sound interface. (Goodwill gets these things now?)

Oh, and if you want ethernet for your xmas tree/candelabra/etc, these guys show you how.

I was pondering building a new karkomp, and was happy to find that there’s actually an open source nav program.

9 thoughts on “Late Night Mini-extra

  1. wow, looking at the PINK board for the xmas tree- those things are not cheap! At that rate you’re better off tucking an old optiplex under the tree and dressing it up as an xmas present, and you could probably run it wirelessly for the same cost to boot. Anybody know a cheaper alternative?

  2. ive been trying to get road nave on my ibook — have lots of problems it will not load maps and will not work with the 2 gps units i have — anyone use it on a mac platform

    thanks for the mini extra!!!


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