DIY RF Remote Control

I was plotting one of my future projects and found this diy RF remote control. I was struck by how simple the circuits are thanks to the micro-controller and RF modules. This is an older write up, and I know you can get newer modules from Spark Fun electronics, but when I was younger, RF controls always seemed to be the black magic of diy electronics.

7 thoughts on “DIY RF Remote Control

  1. you said it twistedsymphony.

    wow. The mind reels. RF control is awesome, especially when you can use passive methods like tuned or directional antennas to improve range.

    Radio rulez.

  2. oh man! if only i’d seen this article about six months ago, i was having a horrible troubles getting my rf functionality calibrated and compliant with fcc standards, and like alan and the author, i ultimately had to turn to an pre-made solution, in my case it was linx technology’s lr series long range communication modules. they were super easy to integrate and work consistently, and additionally, i am looking into their high security rf encoder/decoder ics for an encrypted wireless link. i’d like to see an article written on how to do that. anyway, thanks for the great article.

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