DIY Wireless NES Controllers For Wii/Gamecube

[Mark] sent in his wireless classic nintendo controller project. He built a wireless NES and SNES controller to use with his Wii via the Gamecube port. He used off the shelf TX/RX hardware and used some PIC controllers to glue everything together. iPod batteries keep em powered and keep the weight down. He provides all the schematics and a walk through on constructing the SNES controller. The circuits are pretty simple, so it’s definitely repeatable. This is almost enough to get me to buy a Wii.

— video after the break.

11 thoughts on “DIY Wireless NES Controllers For Wii/Gamecube

  1. Nice, and even timely for me. I am looking at wireless controllers and USB adapters so I can get 4 controllers hooked up to a MythTV system I’ve built. There are tons of PS2 wireless controllers and even PS2-USB adapters. I figure I could one built up for under CAD$30, possibly much cheaper if I can find deals.

  2. Nice little project there, however, not sure about the Li-Ion charging scheme thats in place. As shown it will almost certainly damage the battery and in worst case could cause it to fail spectacularly (i.e. fire/explosion).

    You can buy single cell charger chips from companies like maxim that would be a lot more robust, and include safety options like internal overcharge timers and support proper sensed dv/di, trickle and top-off type charging. Might be worth a look. (EE that deals with li-Ion & Li-Poly designs)

  3. #5, the battery will only contain the “protection” circuitry, which *should* prevent anything catastrophic from happening. I personally would not count on it to withstand sustained usage in this fashion. It is only supposed to be there in case anything goes wrong further up. I have also seen cheap Li-Ion packs omit even the basic safety package (typically just a thermal poly-fuse).

  4. wireless snes controller for use on a snes would be usefull but THIS!!! is more usefull (if you re wire the snes controller a bit) or you could buy a WIRELESS CLASSIC CONTROLLER FOR WII and put it in a snes controller case and put 2 tactile swicthes on the back of the case so that you could still play n64 games with full CLASSIC CONTROLLER funchion

    (plz ignoore alll spellinz errorz)


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