RC Digital Camera Interface

This isn’t a brand new hack, but it’s a great solution for most digital cameras that like to go to sleep on you.
[T. Black] put together a nice simple pic circuit to control a cheap aiptek digital camera. It uses a 12C508, a cap and a resistor. The PIC not only activates the shutter, but can wake up the camera from sleep mode. You don’t even have to provide a dedicated control channel – it can piggy-back on the throttle control signal. The hardest part of the project is tapping the signals on the SMD pc board inside the camera. There have been quite a few R/C camera controllers built, but this is certainly one of the most elegant. You can grab the code and schematic from the bottom of the project page.

One thought on “RC Digital Camera Interface

  1. This is very cool.

    You could also add some sort of motion sensor to the wakeup and snapshot a secured area of your home (e.g. babysitter going where they should not)

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