Laser beam modding

The laser community forums have a nice primer on basic laser effects. [Steve] thought I’d really be interested in this sweet prototype dual laser saber. It’s a custom piece that uses a wicked laser pointer (You can use any laser, but those happen to be damn powerful) and a polycarbonate blade(tube/rod) to create the hallowed light saber effect. (Now I know what I want for christmas.) Mcmaster-carr carries polycarbonate rod and tube if you want to make your own,

5 thoughts on “Laser beam modding

  1. by watching the video it appears some sort of reflector slides down the tube when you tilt the saber so that the blade tip is below the handle. An electromagnet then holds the reflector at the tip until switched off.

    My question is why couldn’t a small supply of pressurized air be used to move the reflector _up_ the saber to the holding magnet – allowing one to have the saber do a star-wars style activation while upright?

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