DIY Beamer Control

I was poking around the lumenlab forums and ran across this nice little project. It’s designed specifically for diy projectors. I settled for a simple thermal switch for my cooling, but this provides temperature monitoring/protection, dual fan control, lamp hour counter, serial interface and optional LCD controls. Everything you need to build your own is there, but it’s mostly in german.

Now I’m outta here – I’m going scuba diving.

2 thoughts on “DIY Beamer Control

  1. Wow, my projector could really use something like this…
    Its a proxima DP2800, but it has few features (flipping image, etc) can could do with some monitoring utilities, as well as a thermometer… especially because its currently fixed with a rag next to the lcd…

  2. This is pretty a cool project. I don’t have a video projector although I think it could also be put to good use in my brand new homebrew 500mW laser projector! Pity its menus are in German though.

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