Line Following Wheel Chair

[Niklas Roy] sent in probably one of the largest line following robots ever built. The Gallerydrive project is used to move visitors around an art gallery. It can follow either a black or white line. It also has a touchscreen display for displaying information about the art which is read from RFID tags. Niklas has a full diary of the build on his site with everything you need to build your own.

12 thoughts on “Line Following Wheel Chair

  1. Excellent work! This is a great hack. It has everything… motor drivers, touch screen displays, audio and best of all lasers. I tend to agree with Niklas that using FET followers on a linear regulator is not a great idea. They go bang very easily. Stick with switching regulators.

  2. An interesting robot. i use to work as a programmer at oak Ridge National Labs and they had a mail delivery robot. It would follow the lines around the building and stop outside your door and beep a few times to tell you that you had mail. It is not as sophisticated as this robot but was built along time ago. I left the Lab in 1994 and it was old then.

  3. I work at a school for kids with disabilities and something like this would be a great way to move a dozen or so wheel-chair bound kinds from one classroom to another.

  4. I could see a nursing home cut their staff by making a permanent black tiled “racetrack”. You load granny in the chair start her on her way. Then you pop old grandpa right behind her -boy -girl -boy -girl (to make the view more interesting for them) and they can run around the go-cart track all day long. Wheee!!! Just hope the batteries hold out. If you tape off the parking lot the whole gang could have fun in the sun.

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