DIY Digital Voice Transceiver

[dk] sent in the DVX project. It’s a complete D-STAR implementation that’s built around a digital transceiver chip, an ATMEL mcu and a digital voice compression chip. Compared to most digital radio’s I’ve seen, this one is pretty simple. The really complex action lives in the main chips with a bunch of caps and resistors to support them. Watch out for Digikey’s pricing – it looks like a major gouge after looking at the tx/rx chips on Analog Device’s site. If you get them at a decent price, they could make great rf links for your projects. The link to the paper seems a bit broken, but here’s the correct one.

12 thoughts on “DIY Digital Voice Transceiver

  1. in my experience, AD’s chips are usually much more expensive from digikey than direct from AD (the ad8397, for example, is also about twice as much). The only problem, though, is that it’s cheaper only if you can buy 260 of them at once. You might be able to find the chips cheaper from Newark, but from what I’ve heard, they usually make up for their cheaper prices (and more) from their rather outrageous shipping costs.

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’ve been stuck using spread spectrum, and a vocoder to keep RF channels discreet. If I could get digital to transmit correctly I could implement a encrypted protocol that works like AX.25 and triple DES like they use on satellite.

    Room bugs and inductor taps wouldn’t be so open to wisers

  3. As a licensed radio operator in the USA, i have to say i love this project. Why purchase a $200 radio and a $180 module to use DStar, when i could build one (even if building it cost more). Cool project.

  4. It’d be even better if there was an ASIC solution that did most of the work, with 1MB of internal FLASH for firmware.

    Responding so elegantly with no obvious intrigue is pretty Dick Smith…LOL

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