DIY condensor microphone

[wiesi] sent in his latest condenser mic. Rather than use pre-built components, he built from scratch (except the discrete components). He’s on his second iteration, and things look pretty good. This tends to be the sort of project that amateur radio guys go for… oh wait, I am one.

6 thoughts on “DIY condensor microphone

  1. A little noisy and you can tell that there is definately a lot of loss on the high end. Probably needs a lighter diaphram to overcome that.

    Still, for home built, that’s not bad at all.

  2. I would normally agree with doing it diy to save money. But thiers MXL’s that sound better, and they do it at 60 bucks.

    Sorry Ive spent the last year In a pretty nice studio. So I might be spoiled.

  3. Actually the purpose was not to make a studio grade microphone.
    The purpose of this project was to try to make a decent one. With decent I mean: As good as a telephone connection or better, if possible and in this terms it was an absolute success as it nearly reaches FM boadcast quality.
    It is absolutely clear, that you can’t make an excellent one with aluminium foil, because it’s too thick and heavy.

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