Add USB Ports And A Flash Drive To You UMPC

[ThoughtFix] sent in our first ever UMPC hack. It’s along the lines of laptop mods we’ve seen before, but he deserves credit for opening up the already tightly packed inside of his UMPC, tapping the USB interface on his bluetooth card, adding a hub and an internal usb flash drive to provide readyboost to speed up Vista.

11 thoughts on “Add USB Ports And A Flash Drive To You UMPC

  1. I did the same thing a while back to add bluetooth 2.0 and a logitech mouse dongle to my Alienware Aurora 7700 laptop. I will also be doing the same to my Toshiba A135-S2386 laptop. Glad to see I am not the only crazy one out there. :)

  2. What a beautiful hack!
    It never occurred to me to do something like that internally on a desktop pc, let alone a _laptop!_

    Now I might set up something similar inside the case of a little desktop surfing appliance I’m building.

    That’s very, very cool. Elegant and well executed.

  3. Just to show you I’m not screwing around, I _just now_ finished wiring an internal USB 1.0 hub inside my little desktop internet machine!

    I broke up a couple of cheapie usb extension cables and an old cd-rom audio cable to do it, but it all worked the first time and I’m glad.

    the cd-rom audio cable was used to plug into one of the motherboard’s onboard USB connectors and the extensions provided male and female ends to adapt wiring for one of the front usb ports and a usb card reader drive.
    The little hub was easily secured in my micro-atx case with some good old velcro and a couple of wire-ties topped off a very successful modification of my own!

    Now my little machine can also support a card reader in it’s 3.5-inch bay in addition to four external ports with two internal usb ports to spare!

    and all because i saw this project on hackaday!

    you rock, and hackaday rocks!
    (-and you got me to rock a little too! :D )

    It’s great stuff just like this that has kept this site in my bookmarks for years and years now!

    thank you!

  4. It’s a nice hack for such a small package. I’ve done this and more to my laptop, since there’s quite a bit more room. Now I just have to find the time to get an instructable made.

  5. This is kind of related,
    Does anyone know what the best way is to add a permanent bluetooth to a toshiba a205-s4577? Just wondering what the best way to have a permanent bluetooth connection to my laptop is.


  6. I did the same thing to add bluetooth to my Dell 700m. I ended up trimming down two of the plugs on the hub and pulling the usb from the top USB plug on the laptop. I couldn’t desolder the built in plug easily, so right now I’m out of a USB plug, but at least I get internal bluetooth.

  7. I just ordered a couple of USB hubs from ebay with the intent of trying similar modifications to my USB 2.0 machines, and waddya know?
    same hub as is used in this project!
    (they are _hella_ cheap to buy on ebay, like 2 hubs delivered for ten bucks and change cheap)

    Only one of my machines is vista-ready (should it ever come to that :\ ) but I still enjoy fooling around with the concept.

    nice to have this article as a resource.

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