Another GPS Logger

[leatix] sent in this one after seeing the weather balloon logger the other day. In this case, it’s built around a Mega8, stores the log on a MMC/SD card and runs on a LiIon battery. Translating it was a bit problematic for me, but give it a shot if you feel lucky.

7 thoughts on “Another GPS Logger

  1. First of all sorry for my english…..

    I like that Piece of Hardware. I also searched for the Schematics/SouorceCode/Binary. On the FAQ he says:

    Can i get the sourcecode/schemartics?
    They are normally at the end of the Project. If they are not, there my be several reasons:
    -Project is still in development
    -Sourcecode has to be cleaned up ->needs time
    -schematics must be drawn ->needs time
    -i dont want to publish the sourcecode/schematics.

    on the AVR-Project site the GPS-Logger is still in development.

  2. like i said he had schematics and code posted for the two projects I mentioned few years ago, and they are now gone from the site, so I dont think you will see any documentation on that site ever again. It is more of a “look what i did, you can drool now’

  3. Just ask thomas, i am sure he’ll be glad to share his source code with you if you really need it to build the hardware.

    I can understand that he’s not posting a development state of his project… When i do a project i often get to a state where it works, but the source just doesn’t look good – then it will take long to get the motivation to clean it up. I can imagine it’s the same for this project.

  4. what stinks about these loggers and if anyone has seen a project like this let me know is that none are actually affordable. to get a sirfstar from a place like mouser it is $55 right off the bat, but you can get an entire gps bluetooth setup from places like geeks with the sirfstar chipset for $35 very regularly. i wanted to make an affordable logger, but you just can not get the components at any reasonable price and then the projects out there are very very limited too. anyone have any suggestions?

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