Electric Screwdriver Antenna Tuning

I just realized that we’d never covered the classic amateur radio antenna hack – known as the mobile electric screwdriver antenna. I was looking for a decent writeup, and ran across this interesting tunable indoor antenna. [W2BRI] put together a 5 foot cube loop antenna built from copper pipe. The tuning mechanism uses an electric screwdriver to tune his giant PC Board tuning capacitor. Looks like a nice solution if you’re into radio and have pesky neighbors.

6 thoughts on “Electric Screwdriver Antenna Tuning

  1. The other day, when I was pondering one of the FTA satellite network… I was wondering if making my own movable dish would be as easy as taking some 15 dollar 18v cordless drills from Harbor Freight and gearing them down a whole bunch.

  2. This to poster#3, Alexander. Neat idea on the drills especially if you need remote with small battery backup..you just gave me an idea for something unrelated.
    But, have you ever tried automotive windshield wiper motors or power windows motors … already geared down :) 12volts from somewhere and good to go.

  3. Never heard of the term “fta” before. I assume it’s free to air, but still clueless to the size of reflector #3 requires. One would be better off using the real deal linear actuator on C band, than hacking a cordless drill. While the motors #4 mention are geared down, they are still plenty fast at the point where a hacker can tap the motion.

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