USB Driver Hacking

[qDot] sent in his efforts to hack the oddest USB interface I’ve seen. The game is played by relaxing, so the controller senses biometrics. His notes on his adventure in hacking a driver are a bit entertaining, and definitely interesting if you’ve considered doing a little USB driver hacking of your own. If there’s enough interest, maybe he’ll post some more code to get things rolling.

11 thoughts on “USB Driver Hacking

  1. You know bais, comments like that are miller (read, not needed).

    On topic, i’ve only ever done a little usb driver hacking, all in inf files, just small things like changing the company name when its plugged into to show as something else, the same sort of thing an OEM device has done, and of course the changing device type for soft modding an xbox. I’ll have to look into open source drivers now.

  2. yea, the language is a bit overboard.

    “Lightstone External hand fucking written because the people that made the lightstone are fucking idiots who love pissing on standards. Serial is NOT supposed to go through the HID layer, you bastards!”

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