Toilet Terror Level Indicator

Normally, this wouldn’t quite make my radar, but [sprite_tm] built it, and it’s funny as hell. He created a Terror Level indicator for… his toilet. Rather than create an exotic smell detector, he simply uses a photo diode to measure the amount of time that the light has been on in the ol’ water closet. As time progresses, so does the Terror Level indicator. To make an audible indicator, he used the PWM generator in the ATTiny231to create a sort of ping sound when the level escalates. (I can definitely think of someone I need one of these things for.)

11 thoughts on “Toilet Terror Level Indicator

  1. a motion sensor of some kind combined with some fancy code could be used to determine if someone was in the bathroom too. it would have to determine the difference between motionless(room empty) and motionless(someone on the toilet)

  2. Pressure sensor under the toilet seat would be a better way to measure whether someone is using the toilet instead of burshing their teeth/shaving in the washroom with the light on.

  3. Yeah it is cheerios, no idea if it’s from the 4th though as I haven’t played it. It says it’s from the 2nd episode on the site

    “I wasn’t the only one who came up with this idea: I have to admit I ‘borrowed’ it from the second episode of the ‘Sam and Max’ adventure series. The terror indicator in there has three colors: green for ‘all safe’, orange for a ‘number one’ and red for a ‘number two’. I liked the layout, so I decided to copy it. So, three levels of terror it was.”

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