Monday Retinal Extra

Look ma, it’s my retina. Here’s a short collection of hacks to make yours happy.

[Brian] sent in this odd collection of information he calls the open source biohack kit. The info is interesting, but everything is inside a giant zip file. I think it could benefit from a better online presentation.

[insomartin] sent in a simple design to create a USB piezo drum pad controller. The parts count is pretty low and the drum pads are created using the usual DIY piezo speaker sensor.

[Emilio] sent in his Nokia phone turned SMS remote control project.

[Ian] over at diylife put together a handy USB analog gauge interface.

[Jock] sent in something similar, but this time the project uses gauges from a car for driving games.

In order to continue mocking Boston, [doug] sent in his moononite project.