Monday Retinal Extra

Look ma, it’s my retina. Here’s a short collection of hacks to make yours happy.

[Brian] sent in this odd collection of information he calls the open source biohack kit. The info is interesting, but everything is inside a giant zip file. I think it could benefit from a better online presentation.

[insomartin] sent in a simple design to create a USB piezo drum pad controller. The parts count is pretty low and the drum pads are created using the usual DIY piezo speaker sensor.

[Emilio] sent in his Nokia phone turned SMS remote control project.

[Ian] over at diylife put together a handy USB analog gauge interface.

[Jock] sent in something similar, but this time the project uses gauges from a car for driving games.

In order to continue mocking Boston, [doug] sent in his moononite project.

10 thoughts on “Monday Retinal Extra

  1. I’ve wanted to set up an SMS remote control since i moved into my house about 6 months ago and found that the garage door opener is too old for a new remote :(

    i’m sure there’s an easier way, but i still think it would be cool as hell to send “open” to a phone number, and watch my garage door open!

    oh yeah… (first!) ;)

  2. I was first, but it truncated my post and i was too lazy to type 1/2 of it out again. (last night).

    I wanted to try doing pwm off my parallel port anyways, and after seeing the article, I had a great reason. Right now, it monitors my cpu, I’m looking into having it display volume or download %. (I’m a folder, so cpu is always 100%) Used the parallel port because its 2 wires, less effort than using a pic, and most people have them but don’t have a use for them.

  3. Did you get that picture taken with the machine where you stick your eye up to the 3 inch or so hole and it has a green flash?

    They had that at my lenscrafters and it sucked! They weren’t well trained on it (brand new for them) and I they spent 10 minutes trying to get a good picture. By the end I was wishing for some sort of Clockwork Orange setup ;)

  4. Can someone tell me how I can decompile(?) the s19 file. I am learning assembly, and would love to see whats going on in there. The phone would need service wouldn’t it?

    This would be sweet to make.

  5. Something about that diylife guy rubs me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong I think the project is awesome, and the explanation was ok, but… I think he reminds me of the dude from Infinite Solutions too much :p

  6. The thing about those retinal scanners is that they’re connected to a Windows XP computer.
    When I was there, it BSOD’d mid-scan, twice. Yay for Windows and medical equipment.

  7. The Optomap has been around for a while, they are currently developing one that will work with contrasting agents to help exam the blood vessels better. The best part about the procedure is it doesn’t require dilation and you have a backup of the data. Otherwise the doctor has to make notes and diagrams (not very accurate) of what is going on. This you can compare side by side. But wait there’s more….doctors often email Bill, the author of the best books on retinas, about any image and he gets back with them to help provide better care. It’s a great test, but many MD’s don’t like it because they think people will use that to avoid a dialated exam. I work in an opthalmology practice, I hear both sides all day long.

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