Console On The Kindle (and More)

[Dev] sent in an interesting blog series on hacking Amazon’s kindle. [Igor] has documented getting a console, the bootloader and more. Even if you don’t have a Kindle to hack on, it’s a good overview of hacking similar devices. He used a cell phone cable to build his interface, but I suggest getting familiar with the MAX232 family of semiconductors for cheap rs-232 to ttl converters.

4 thoughts on “Console On The Kindle (and More)

  1. WOW–this kindle thing has a whole lot of stuff in it. I guess it’s partly because Amazon’s new to all of this–I would have expected a simpler and more compact design for some of the components if it were from a company that’s been working on this stuff longer (is that external PIC uC really necessary?)

    makes it a whole lot more fun to hack, though =)

  2. remember that the browsing that the kindle does must go through the amazon web proxy servers, so they can throttle or block access.

    out of the box the kindle includes a browser, so you have this capability today (it’s not a very good browser, but it is there and does work)

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