I’m Still Out Of Town Extra

I received some good stuff via the tips line while I’ve been making an extra stop after Shmoocon. I spent the day helping my less project endowed family run some new wiring (and made some awesome sparks in the process.)

[Damian] sent in his customized version of the classic Atari 2600 adventure game.
[iraqiGeek] sent in his efforts to use the six-axis controller. He used lib-usb and PPJoy to create his own app.

[HP Friedrichs] sent in this interesting post on building military style power supplies. Good stuff if you’re into building your own gear and like interesting chassis designs.

[John] sent in his version of the new KITT’s light bar. (You know you watched it.)

Got something good to share? Use the tips line.

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Out Of Town Extra

  1. Thanks for the SIXAXIS link — I spent a *long* time wrestling with mine a week or so ago. For basic SIXAXIS gamepad use, Google “sixaxisdriver.exe” — it’s Japanese, but once you install it there’s not much to look at, and I think it’s in English at that point anyway. There’s a “Sixaxis_en.exe” driver that went around about a year ago, but a lot of people (myself included) had problems.

    This is interesting, though — could be a good way of harnessing the gyros in that sucker. Of course, the linked-to guy references Carl Kenner (sounds like a bit of a nutjob, but he’s all we’ve got =-), and I thought GlovePIE already had SIXAXIS support, sooo…. I dunno.

  2. On the power supply:

    I built something very similar to run my ham radio stuff.
    I found a similar case, but mine was painted navy gray and originally held explosive bolts (very cool stenciling)

    I was only aiming for a reliable 5-6 amps output at 12 volts since it was only intended to run my 2 meter handheld and maybe a light source, so I used a 7ah sla battery and an 8 amp digital power supply to make what I called an “uninturuptable DC power supply”.

    Very basic, it uses a relay for switching and a fully automatic charger to maintain the battery.
    I don’t like how meters can get messed up with rough handling, so I used some basic colored LEDs as indicators for power.

    I should take some photos of mine to share since it’s so similar.
    Bummer I finished it just in time to stop being so active in ham radio.

    73 de n2nlq!

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