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This one’s In honor of my new project bike. [wildwestsyndey] converted his Suzuki DR 350 from the stock carbs to EFI using the megasquirt EFI controller and a custom machined throttle body. You can find a few pictures of the conversion here. To handle the ever annoying need for a high pressure fuel pump, he adapted an in-tank scooter pump with a machined mini-reservoir to fit in-line with the original tank. For more motorcycle builds, check out the megasquirt success stories forum.

16 thoughts on “EFI Your Motorcycle

  1. megasquirt rules! i’m working my way up to learning enough to install a system in my buddy’s car (built for drifting) this summer.
    mixing microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and performance engines is excellent

  2. Last year I converted my International Scout II to EFI using a Megasquirt computer. I’m running a GM throttle body and a Ford external fuel pump. Working good so far. Can’t beat EFI for off-roading.

  3. man, I wish I could have this kind of fun, my vulcan 900 custom is already efi’d from the factory. But I suppose I could jerry rig some sort of a digital handle bar mounted display to show me rpm and speed and oil pressure and all the stuff you normally have in a car.

  4. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would take a Naturally aspirated bike, and convert it to EFI. If your battery dies, you’re F’n stranded. Kickstart + NA = Win.

  5. @ OmegaForte –> more power, better economy, easier cold start, no re-jetting for altitude or seasonal change, etc. Plus most street bikes sold in the US in the last thirty-ish years and many bigger dual sports rarely have kick starts anyways. So for the majority of bikes on the road no battery == fail anyway. Jump in, EFI is rad.

  6. @pokey — my second bike didn’t come with a kickstart, but that was no problem when the battery died: I bump-started it. Again, not an option with fuel injection.

    Anyway, that bike became trash once its computer blew out. Junkyards never seem to yield working computers. I ended up selling it with half the engine and the carbs in a bushel basket. Let’s just say I’m not ever likely to become a big fan of electronics on motorcycles.

  7. first off with an efi bike you can bump start its just a hell of alot harder you have to go full throttle clutch in then get rolling pop the clutch out and hurry up and pull the clutch in and boom keep going

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