13 thoughts on “Automatic Muffin Maker

  1. This brings back memories of the Dexter’s Lab episode where his dad is the Muffin King. Anyone else remember it? (I assume even the older guys here have seen Dexter’s Lab)

  2. Give a man a muffin and he shall eat for a day

    Teach a man how to make a muffin and he shall eat for the rest of his life.

    Teach an engineer how to make a muffin and they will build a machine to make muffins for everyone! and muffin partys and much drinking will ensue.

  3. @zydeco

    I agree with you but they made this projet with there own personnal money. There are plenty of things they could of improved. They still need something complex to have challenge.

  4. to #10:

    Technically speaking, you could do it pretty easily with a 50 cent pic, and a couple of transistors and relays, though the coding would be a bit more intensive.

  5. @wolf


    He study in industrial electric, they did not learn PIC. I have finish my course in Embedded system (TSO) at the same college.

    We have learn PICs!! :D Yes they could of done this in C. HAHA

    TSO power!!!

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