Hacking Sleep Part Deux

The Boston Globe recently posted some tips to help you get the most from your naps. The information comes in the form of a chart with numerous facts about naps, including the timeline of events in a typical nap, information about chronotypes, and ideas on how to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. Since our post on polyphasic sleep, we’ve been interested in sleep techniques that essentially trick the body into feeling as rested as possible (the crudest form of biohacking, in our opinion). Many of these techniques are certainly applicable to polyphasic sleep, but one of the most interesting concepts, chronotypes, is not. Chronotypes are simply profiles of sleep habits that denote the times a person’s body is more readily disposed to fall asleep; since polyphasic sleep requires practitioners to sleep several times a day, it is always in conflict with the person’s chronotype at some point in the day. Nonetheless, the chart should help you stay alive if you ever have several back-to-back intercontinental flights.

[via Lifehacker]

9 thoughts on “Hacking Sleep Part Deux

  1. if only narcolepsy weren’t a problem for me. REM sleep in 3 minutes. Which means all naps produce a crap ton of sleep inertia. Naps for narcoleptics are the enemy, unless you’re trying to get fired or divorced.

  2. @2
    I don’t read life hacker, and I found the article interesting. Who cares if there’s fluff articles on hackaday, so long as there’s still serious content along side it?

  3. Kenny: i dont care if u check other sites before HaD. its her for me and this is the only site i check so i’m going to give its a +1 for ‘re posting’ it here. also +1 for something useful not just some tech demo crap.

    +2 from me :O must be time for a nap ;)

  4. Jesus, just STFU already and go start “hackornot.com”, so you can vote down all the (free) articles that don’t meet your demanding standards. You can keep your smug-ass comments over there instead of cluttering up the feeds over here.

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