PIC Controller Cable Tracer

[Kevin Gorga] submitted this PIC controller based wire tracer to a project contest last year over at circuit cellar.A 125Khz signal is injected to the target cable and a pickup coil is used to detect the field and identify the wires location. You can grab the full project schematics and code here. The rest of the entries are pretty sweet, so be sure to check them out.

3 thoughts on “PIC Controller Cable Tracer

    1. Yeah. I can’t find the originals either. Just tried the Wayback Machine at internet.org too. If anyone stumbles on this and finds a working project link, post it up in the comments?

      And a big “boo!” to websites that don’t archive / persist their content.

      That said, the project is just using the PIC to make a 125kHz square wave for use as a cable tracer. The other part is just a high-gain amplifier. Looking around for schematics, I find this one from a source I trust but I’m sure there are many.

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