4 thoughts on “How To Build An Arctic Web Cam

  1. I had one of those d-stink web cams that look like half a soda can mounted on my roof for a couple years. Built an enclosure out 6″ pvc pipe. Built a poe adapter for it, and mounted it to the tv antenna on the roof. Ran year round, even at -40F in the winter. No heater needed. Didn’t have a lick of trouble with it until I rearranged my network rack and plugged in the wrong power injector to it. Smoked the camera, but the little web server in it kept working. Really bummed me out.

  2. Hey adam, I’ll agree the linksys cameras suck balls too. Their other stuff is pretty good though. Yea, it’s colder in the antarctic than the arctic, but we had a greater temperature swing than there. -40F or colder in the winter to +90F or a bit warmer in the summers. the camera took both in stride. for an off the shelf cheap ass camera, some black pvc pipe and a piece of plexi it did better than i though it was going to.

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