BiPed Robot Version 3

Instructables user [alex.v] posted version 3 of his BiPed Robot. This robot is designed to mimic the control and movements of a human’s lower body. It has 12 degrees of freedom and a nice custom framework CNC’d from acryl sheets. The electronics consist of servos controlled by a custom board built around an ATmega8 and 3 ATtiny26s all programmed in assembly. He also has custom desktop software written in VB which allows direct control of the robot and graphs sensor data. His site contains pictures, videos, and design materials.

4 thoughts on “BiPed Robot Version 3

  1. wow, seriously? people are complaining about this post?
    come on, how much more hack-a-day could you get? Its a home made walking robot for crying out loud.

    what do you want? anti-gravity ?

    if you aren’t happy with the site, go make a better one.

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