Hacking At Random 2009

Hacking At Random 2009 has recently been announced. It’s brought to you by the same people who held the outdoor hacking event What The Hack, which we covered in 2005. Date, location, and many other details are still up in the air. They’re looking to host 3000 attendees and we’re guessing it will be similar in nature to last Fall’s incredible Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin. 2009 will also feature the beta run of outdoor hacker event ToorCamp near Seattle. Two great events we’re certainly looking forward to.

[photo: mark]

2 thoughts on “Hacking At Random 2009

  1. It’s not the exact same group that was organizing the previous events, but a group of people who have attended the previous events and picked up the hatchet to do it this year. We plan to limit the amount of people to about 1500 most likely, to not make it impossible for us to get it all together with this new team.

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