12 thoughts on “Google Chrome Webcast Starts Now

  1. I don’t see the difference between Chrome and Firefox.
    Well, except the “better memory management”, which Firefox really needs, with 5 tabs open, it sucks away a good 100-150 MB RAM/Swap.
    And what’s up with the “revolutionary” tabbing?

  2. First impressions:
    -Nice minimalistic controls
    -Where the hell ARE all the controls?!
    -Customisation = nonexistant
    -Holy crap, there are ADVERTS on the internet!
    -Why is it taking me 30 seconds to scroll through my bookmarks?
    -I miss my extensions.

  3. http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/
    here’s the comic google made to explain the design ideals
    before you whine about how simple it is, READ it
    it’s a complete ground up technology redesign of the entire browser concept
    the priority at this point is to get it rock solid stable, so the entire point is to be SIMPLE
    the core, and only the core things needed for it to work as a browser.
    i’m sure functionality and addons will come later

    if it helps, think of it similiarly to KDE 4.0 – a dev release with proper end-user one coming later

  4. didn’t i read somewhere that Crome was having the

    exact same problems that an older safari had…

    hummm you don’t suppose that they are actually

    using old code and then trying to build it up

    I actually used it for a whole 2 minutes and went

    right back to firefox. the interface of Crome is

    just to slow for me, I can understand how to use IE,

    Firefox and Safari but Crome’s interface is so

    different and supposidly “intuitive” i would have

    expected it to come from apple not google

  5. Why don’t they have put all their efforts on Firefox instead ?

    I didn’t like this kind of thinking :

    “we want to get over the market so why not doing what others have done instead of helping them to do it better”.

  6. I’ve noticed a couple things about Chrome so far. On my desktop and laptop it runs fine (even in vmware running windows on my Ubuntu desktop). But on my wife’s tablet PC it causes some issues. It is all over the map with CPU usage and interrupts the proper function of her stylus at random times for between half a second and about two seconds. I’m really curious about why the CPU time is going everywhere on the tablet PC; it’s especially raunchy on opening tabs or connecting to many sites at once.

    I can appreciate the idea of redesigning the browser from the lowest possible layer up to play nicely with new operating system and hardware features, but I can also appreciate the sentiment others have expressed regarding why Google didn’t instead dedicate some of their resources to improving any other free non-Microsoft products available (Firefox etc). I would like a text-only config file that I could play with and really tweak the crap out of it.

    Has anyone noticed how smooth the graphics are? I actually hate to say it but it reminds me of a Mac — those Apple people dedicate way too much time (and CPU time) to displaying extraordinarily smooth animations and mouse cursor movements and the such and it’s a very nice touch.

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