NES controller connectors for sale

If you weren’t looking forward to trying to find a NES Four Score just to rip connectors out of it or were reluctant to cut the ends off your NES controllers and use different connectors for your NES hack, you’re in luck. Parallax has released an NES controller connector (7-pin, male) that is compatible with the Nintendo controller. They also provide the socket pinout. It’s interesting to see a product like this come out so long after the original console, a testament to the popularity.

[via Make]

10 thoughts on “NES controller connectors for sale

  1. Hey, there are pics on the forum, Havok1919 has already built a 40-pin DIP version.

    The main page is very out of date (to be fair it is only a month old, but a lot has happened on the forums. A whole lot.)

  2. I think the large NES controller has been covered, G4-TV had an even larger one built btw.

    The G4 one was interesting in that it used “push to break” style switches and they were held between the back of the face and the buttons.

    I like that we have NES connectors, but the controllers themselves are soaring in price, as are the systems. I think that there needs to be a source of the controllers for about $5 apiece, because they are getting scarce.

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