Use A PSP As An Extended Display

Follow along with this project and you could use your PSP as a display for your computer. The software, available for download on the site, gives you a 960×544 display. The data is compressed, sent to the PSP, then decompressed for display. Though that sounds clunky, the video after the break shows it working pretty smoothly with some Winamp visualization. Only 32 bit Windows XP or older is supported currently.


[thanks carlos]

20 thoughts on “Use A PSP As An Extended Display

  1. @arthur92710: You could do most of that by just dragging Motherboard Monitor or other app to it.

    @Sparrowhawk: The last part of the video shows it being used this way(scaled to fit at least), take a closer look at the annotations that pop up during the video.

  2. Well, if it’s for Vista, somebody could write a SideShow client for it. As I understand it, the actual API you need to implement is pretty simple… of course, you’d need the library underneath to draw the widgets, but that could probably be in LUA…

  3. I’ve been using this as a dedicated separate screen so that I can chat on msn/irc and still surf, check mail and watch porn, it’s a great homebrew app. but I just wish I could have multiple instances running as I have 4 psps. I love this app and will spread it around to the rest of the community. It’s like pvnc but with usb. Very Nice!

  4. Hmm that is pretty damn nice!
    it is deffenetly usefull for stats and such, but seeing i already got a G15 for that, i might want it for something els.

    But i would also like a Linux version.

  5. I know its kinda been a while on this one, but I actually found out how to get an extended display using PSPdisp on vista…

    It actually just involved using a VGA dummy adapter to fool the second port on my video card into thinking there was a display there. Set the resolution and have the PSPdisp software mirror the “nonexistant” display, and there ya go. Total workaround for the lack of a vista driver.

  6. Sorry to re-open this old thread again. I’m running Windows 7 and an NVidia 8200gm card using the latest drivers (185.1.??) and it works fine I just can’t shrink it down. Other than that it works great and it’s fun to fool around with.

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