Mounting An External Antenna On EeePC 900

[Terry Porter] added an external antenna to his EeePC 900. Initially, he mounted it on the side of the unit, but found that the location caused it to no longer fit in its carrying case, and made plugging in USB or Ethernet cables very difficult. His resolution was to move the mount to the rear portion of the case. His professional looking mount is definitely worthy of some attention. Check out the project for a breakdown and some great pictures showing the necessary modifications to make it fit.

If you’re going to crack open your EeePC, you may want to just go all out and add everything available.

13 thoughts on “Mounting An External Antenna On EeePC 900

  1. No luck getting on the site.

    As a side note, Dell just told us via a rep that hardware mods will void our Inspiron mini 9’s warranty over at!

    Go figure that one, huh?

    Good thing they keep _that_ guy on the payroll.

  2. Hi all,
    I’m the author of the article.

    Apologies for the slow access.

    My ISP hasn’t cut me off, and won’t, but my 1.5Mbits/256Kbits ADSl link is maxed out due to the high number of unexpected hits!

    I thought perhaps a few hundred people would be interested in this mod, lol!

    My server is a home hosted hp-netserver running Gnu/Linux and is handling the hits ok, it’s just bandwidth starved.

    Try again another day if you want to see all the pics.


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