Best New Science Inventions 2008

Not to be outdone, Popular Science published their Best of What’s New 2008 and packed it with videos and photo galleries. Inspiring inventions include the Pipistrel Taurus Electro, the longest-flying two-seated electric plane, the Intel Core 2 Duo Small Form Factor, which you can thank for the thinner laptops like Apple’s MacBook Air, and the GroundBot, a spherical robot that can roll through the mud, sand, and snow. It’s not even the end of the year yet, but with all these great inventions, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2009.

[via io9]

8 thoughts on “Best New Science Inventions 2008

  1. i wrote up a blue print for that sphere bot when i was in 7th grade still have it in fact they have yet to figure out my trick though but that is the basic design i wish i had the money to build this stuff i swear its almost like people are spying on me lol

  2. mine actually had a split pendulum and more gyros gyros are key you can make it have a lot more traction that way i don’t think this will ever get past a prototype though when i originally designed mine i just disregarded it as impractical thats why i never made it

  3. I know what you mean drew. I’ve invented so many things that I just don’t own a patent for. I should be freakin rich, but sadly nobody thought an 8th grader could do anything…

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