Pringles Can Macro Photography


Reader [Harald] sent us this sweet Pringles can macro photography hack from way back in 2005. Using a Pringles can and a standard Cannon 50mm MKII lens, they have produced some amazing results. The image above is the tip of a ballpoint pen. Not only does he go through the steps to make it, but then goes in depth on how to best set your camera and other good practices for macro photography. Pringles cans aren’t just for holding chips and making wireless antenna.

We’ve covered several macro photography rigs before, like how to do macro photography with your iPhone, or with a flip camera, and even how to build a massive laser controlled macro photography setup.

14 thoughts on “Pringles Can Macro Photography

  1. He mentions activating DOF preview on the camera and then removing the lens. It would be better and easier to just get an older manual focus lens that has an aperture ring built in for $5 at a store that sells used camera equipment.

    This trick is just a variation on using the pre-made macro extension rings which are available for most lens mounts. Another fun trick is to take two lenses, say 50mm lenses, and tape or use a reversing ring to put one backwards in front of the one attached to the camera. You can get nearly microscopic levels of magnification with the right lenses.

  2. For those of you who – like me – still have their manual focus SLR chassis, stuff like lens reversing rings, macro lenses, and macro bellows have gotten pretty reasonable on eBay as of late.

    Now, if only a few rokkor/canon/nikkor fisheyes would do the same…

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