12 thoughts on “Simple PWM

  1. personally i have used this for quite some time now. it is quite reliable for some applications but is not to accurate if your controlling the pwm with anything but a resistor (or a pot) also i have been told its easier just to adjust pin 5

  2. How timely. I was just digging through my box of junk and found a LED product demo that has 3 faders and a pic controller to mix RGB on 3-color LEDs. I hooked the leads up to the Heath Kit (1962) Oscilloscope I just nabbed off craigslist last week (for $20) and low and behold, it uses PWM to dim each colored LED.

  3. @bob: pulse-frequency modulation (pfm) is really only good for low current applications, where switching losses are significant; typically, conduction (and other) losses dominant at higher currents.

    additionally, pfm can make emi more difficult to mitigate (at undetermined or over a wide frequency range); at higher currents the emi peaks are even higher, again a reason to (often) avoid pfm at higher currents.

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