DuiPhone Hack

Tellart turned an iPhone into a duiPhone with its latest Sketchtools kit. Combine a 3G iPhone, an ordinary store-bought breathalyzer, and the NADA Mobile, which consists of a communication board, sensors, and actuators, and get a useful iPhone application. Blow into the mouthpiece, and the iPhone will inform you if you can safely drive, or if you should call a cab.

We’d like to find out more about the NADA Mobile, since it looks like it could be the start of a lot of fun projects. It’s the latest of Tellart’s Sketchtools line, which can only be accessed if you work with Tellart as a consultant, or if you work with them to organize a workshop for your organization.

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7 thoughts on “DuiPhone Hack

  1. now if only they made it check your location…and if at a bar, you would have to test before sending a text or a call (other than, say a cab). sure would cut down on drunk dialing and we all know that is the real crime…

  2. actually, what would be really nice is to assign a custom contact list of your favorite contacts. That’ll cut down on the fumbling through the entire contact list for a few select names… XD

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