Boom Bench


German designer [Michael Schoner] of NL Architects turned an ordinary street bench into a public sound system that can be accessed by passersby with iPods and cellphones with Bluetooth. Boom Bench features 60 watt co-axial speakers, two subwoofers, and a bass shaker in the seat that’ll allow you to feel the vibrations of your music choices. It was on display in Amsterdam last month for the Urban Play event. It remains to be seen whether this new urban development will make your daily wait for the bus more entertaining or aggravating.

[via Notcot]

18 thoughts on “Boom Bench

  1. Dude this is exactly the type of thing that GRL is into. Along with me and my buddies. Gives me some cool ideas!

    Imagine interfacing one of these with a cordless phone or cell phone sniffer, could be loads of fun!

  2. Cool idea that could possibly be employed at a skate park or something if you could reinforce it and make it vandal-proof…

    But bus stops and anywhere else? Regulations aside, I imagine only public disturbance issues here.

    Better off making massaging benches…

  3. The boombench is already widely available in Holland.
    Just hop on a train or bus and their always will be some north-african tosser behind you playing 50 cents or any other rap-crap on a loud volume.
    Maybe they can park some of these benches in Kanaleneiland. With a little modification it should be able to elektrocute 4 or more local heroes.

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