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[weirdo] sent in this sweet Xbox 360 arcade controller project(translated). He really wanted an arcade controller for the new Mortal Kombat game. After noticing that the expensive retail arcade controllers were missing the trigger buttons, he decided to hack his own together. After dissecting the controller, he soldered in some break out boxes. This will allow him pretty easy reconfiguration. Wanting some additional customization, he added LEDs to the buttons. Most people add LEDs to the buttons, so that’s not a huge deal, but he also added one to the ball on the end of the joystick. That added touch almost makes us forget that this thing is housed in a pizza box. To be fair, he wants to refine the button layout for a while before he makes a final enclosure.

We covered a very similar project last year, but it has since disappeared from its original site. You may also remember the slick Wireless PS2 arcade controller from back in June.

18 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Arcade Controller

  1. Good hack, and it’s nice to see google has stepped up its game on the translation front. That is easily a day’s work for a professional translator, BIlled at around 200 euros!

    I suppose the downside is that google translation is only just about comprehensible…

  2. yeah, i was surprised by google’s translator also.

    nice arcade design though. let’s just hope the final casing stands up to repeated bashing more than the pizza box. we all know there’s only one way to play mortal kombat.

  3. I’m amazed he can even test it housed in a pizza box. Other than making sure the buttons work, you would think he would end up crushing the box after the first round.

    Maybe I just lean too much when I play.

  4. why is it that people always make console arcade sticks with lolly-pop style joysticks instead of “ultimate” style joysticks…

    I can understand if you’re going for classics like pac man and other games from that era… but more modern 2D games, especially fighters all use “ultimate” style sticks that have more of an inverted tear drop shape.

    see for yourself:

    or maybe it just bothers me because I worked in an arcade for years.

  5. Most Japanese style fighter arcade cabinets use the ball top stick. Which means pretty much every 2d fighting game and 3d fighting game uses those. Actually the only game I’ve seen in the arcade ever to come standard with the teardrop stick is Mortal Kombat.

    I guess there’s just more grip options with the ball top, probably why it’s a bit more preferred.

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