WEEE Man is an art display that has been roving around England. No, he doesn’t walk or talk. He is here to remind us of how wasteful we can be. Hackers rejoice, we’re part of the solution. It also doesn’t hurt that he is Seven Meters tall and over three tons. WEEE Man looks awesome, but are we the only ones that spotted stuff and thought “ooh, I could have used that for a cool project.”?

[via The Presurfer]

9 thoughts on “WEEE Man

  1. “He is a scary looking guy – hardly the ‘wee’ man you might imagine if you were told you were to be introduced to him at the bar after work! Wee, of course, is Scottish slang for someone of diminutive stature – and this wonderful play on words is integral to the impact of this work of art.”

    Aye, that much is true.

  2. WEEE is a european directive to tax people (manufacturers and importers directly and consumers indirectly) to dispose of electrical waste. WEEE Man has been resident at the excellent Eden Project on Cornwall for a number of years.

  3. Everything that is “wasted” will decompose and later be brought back up and turned to something else just to be “wasted” again. Recycling only speeds up a doomed process.
    Honestly, if it can’t be scrapped you’re more wasteful to go with this taxing crap than to just get rid of the junk. All they’re doing is driving business out of Europe.

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