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  1. That is, BASEBAND 2.11.07, in other words, the version of the baseband that shipped with the last iphone OS 2.1 update just before 2.2 was released.

    The skinny is that, if you updated to iPhone OS 2.2 using an official channel, you’re out of luck. If you updated to 2.2 using pwnage tool, and you selected not to update the baseband (as the instructions with that release said), you’re good to go.

  2. @thefu:

    Yeah, I’m still not understanding why people are buying these things. Maybe it’s because I’m not a complete fucking retard, or maybe it’s because I don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw away on shit that will lose 9/10ths of its value in the next two years, I don’t know.

  3. @3d:

    Because people are fuckinh lemmings. Most of the retards buying the iPhone dont even fucking know how to make it play video, so instead they buy all their vids from apple. Never the less I got one as a gift and I LOVE it. So I guess I’m a stick in the mud as well, I still rather have recieved an Acer Aspire One though.

  4. sounds like r is the “imbersil” himself because he can’t even spell properly.

    Anyway, I’m always glad when hackers beat “the man” and give us freedom over our own hardware!

  5. I had an iPhone for about 2 months… sold it because i got sick of paying the mandatory $30/month from AT&T for the unlimited data plan for a phone that had WiFi… (irritating to say the least…)

    At any rate, while I had it, i loved it… pwnd it, used it how i wanted, enjoyed every minute of it… only downside was the lack of MMS (picture messaging). other than that, Apple made a great product, enhanced by 3rd party developers that make amazing apps for it.

    hey look, 3d and blindfury, i made my entire point without saying any swear words… and it wasn’t even that hard!

  6. Hey guys listen. A lot of people want an iPhone for what it can do. The Jailbroken and Official 3rd party apps are darn slick and can allow a person to do some amazing things with that little device.

    Because of this many people are willing to look beyond the vendor lock in and expensive plan to have ‘cool’, and with some extra money an extremely functional device.

    But there are those who are unsatisfied. They want more. Motivated by the want to move to a different provider or for others the challenge. Therefor they set out to free people from the vendor lock. When they succeed (like this) they tell others to go nuts, be free, we won. And some will rejoice at this fact. Others will wonder why. They do not understand. They are the dissenting voice that chastises all who have fun and succeed.

    Sadly i feel my intelligence has been severely impacted by some of the comments here (even my own). I felt with the flame war and language that I was reading digg or 4chan. Ouch.

  7. Hey I’ve had the iPod touch for over a year. I bought it because I knew it could be jailbroken. It’s a sweet 1/4″ thick touchscreen unix handheld with wifi, ssd drive, and a 3.3v TTL serial port that fits in my pocket. It has better battery life then my iPod and does all sorts of crazy things you probably haven’t thought of. sure it comes crippled from apple, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

  8. really, what is the point in hacking this device? is it to use a different carrier whose price plan is cheaper? (wouldn’t apples update screw’em eventually or compatibility issues with newer apps as they come out?)
    iphone is the coolest device out period…(i feel the flamers already)…but really the apps are cool (u can create your own) and people love the entertainment and it becomes your personal companion of world connectivity so why knock it. my biggest complaint is it should be available for all carriers (including sprint phone architecture)…the at&t bull is enough already with apple…

  9. @mikey: I disagree with you about the iphone being the coolest device out… you, sir, need to check out a G1. The only thing the iphone has on it at all is the multitouch capabilty.

  10. I dont understand the point of unlocking the baseband. In the US the only real GSM providers are ATT and T-mobile. If you unlock the new iphone 3g, you cant get it todo 3g on t-mobile’s network because ATT and T-mobile run 3g on different radios. So YAY, you can unlock a 3g iphone… and run on the old 2g network. Why would you buy a 3g iphone to use it only on 2g?

    I could be wrong about this.. but this is a useless hack.

  11. Strange thinking but If Apple is willing to let me write Apps for it at a 70% profit and they get the other 30, then I can see why you want to pimp the sheeps. But then, if I spend a small fortune for a cell phone, it better do all the tricks without the big brother inside crap.

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