Flash For Jailbroken IPhones


Hackers are continuing to outpace Apple with feature additions. The team at iMobileCinema has created a flash plugin for the Mobile Safari browser. It’s a beta release and still a bit buggy. This app is only available to people who have jailbroken their iPhones. You just need to add d.imobilecinema.com to your sources in Cydia to get the package to appear. While it can crash from time to time, it’s certainly better than no support at all.

[via Gizmodo]

9 thoughts on “Flash For Jailbroken IPhones

  1. This is stupid. The main use of flash nowadays is to watch videos (e.g. on youtube), in which case it is just a slow software decoder/scaler. The iPhone can do much better with its dedicated hardware, as is done with the youtube app.

    What they should really do is implement enough of flash so that it can automatically get the video data, and then pass that off to the iPhone’s decoding hardware. Or better yet, use HTML 5 video tags. Flash should die!

  2. Out of the box, youtube videos embedded in websites work, this one should allow things like vimeo etc. to work. In my experience with the current beta however, it broke Youtube, didn’t work with half the .flv video services out there – and crashed after .5 seconds of a vimeo video. Great concept – but not yet ready.

  3. It’s probably a gnash/swfdec port.. unless they found an ARM version of flash floating around on the web and are redistributing it illegally.

    Flash is stupid, people who use flash.. should be beaten repetitively.

    Merry Christmas.

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