How To Properly Dispose Of Fruitcake


While doing serious fruitcake research, (no, really) we stumbled across the Great Fruitcake Toss held every January in Colorado. The particular entry above caught our eye. Omega 380 was built by a group of Boeing engineers and currently holds the distance record of 1,420feet. It’s a large compressed air cannon. All pressure is human generated using an exercise bike turning a pump. Apparently the team’s first contest entry was a classic surgical tubing slingshot. It eventually broke down during a very cold year, so they switched to this newer design. You can see more videos on the Operation Fruitcake blog.

7 thoughts on “How To Properly Dispose Of Fruitcake

  1. ok i always thought fruitcake was one huge joke…….i have never in my life recieved it as a gift or given it, nor have i ever met anyone who has given or recieved it…..who are these people who give fruitcake? is this some kind of phenomenon i am missing out on?

  2. yeah, i’ve seen fruitcake at office parties and it’s as much of a terror as you think it might be. plus, it usually smells funny too.

    cool story though. it’s amazing the measures people go to spread the yuletide joy to squirrels.

  3. hey, lay off beating up on the fruitcake already – most of us ‘like’ fruitcake in england!
    that ‘funny smell’ is usually something alcoholic like brandy, a good thing, surely?

    anyway, if you ‘must’ throw fruitcake around, I have an improvement to suggest… feed it to your least-favourite relative and see how far it’s possible to throw them by mechanical means?

    enjoy the rest of the holidays, and a happy new year to you all. :-)

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