Putting FD Lenses On A D60


[Peter] sent in this really slick project where he ads an FD lens mount to a cannon EOS D60. He already had a collection of nice lenses and didn’t want to waste them. After finding some a donor camera for the FD mount, he purchased a cheap D60 to graft it onto. While his first impulse was to simply glue the new mount onto the front of the camera, it was evident that this would  hold the lenses too far from the sensor. The camera went under a bit for a while and luckily, no real damage was done to the mirror housing. The final result seems to work very well, there are example galleries available on his site.

15 thoughts on “Putting FD Lenses On A D60

  1. canon, not cannon. somehow i think this isn’t the first time its been typo’d. otherwise it’s a nice project. i use fd lenses with a converter on my d30 but it makes infinity focus impossible.

  2. i love lens projects. back in the days of film and no autofocus I got a surplus 200mm f4.5 copy lens for about eight bucks and mounted it on a sliding tube with a t-mount; it was heavy and long compared to a normal 200mm telephoto but razor sharp and capable of nearly 1:1 macro. i need to get a dslr and update my old rig for it.

  3. The Canon D60 was built and sold in 2002, well before Nikon got unoriginal. I call it the FD60 in honor of the adopted mount. Just not sure how to affix the old logo to the new body without it looking ridonculous.

  4. Cool, but hardly innovative. high end photographers have been modifying cameras for decades.

    I remember a old guy in college that modified his russian build medium format camera to use what he called “low quality, cheap” canon and Nikon lenses for his camera.

    The man had photographs all over campus blown up to 20X30..

    still cool. they need to affix a bellows to the front to make it cooler!

  5. @fartface

    I don’t think he was going for innovative unless you define that as something you can’t buy. I love old lens and am fortunate enough to have started with nikon so i can use them without trouble.

    If i were in the same spot with canon lens, i would dream of doing this.

    I’m curious abuot your friends medium format camera. Kiev 88, or Kiev 60? I can’t think of a reason to put a nikon or canon 35mm lens (The only ‘cheep’ lens made by them) on a medium format camera. I would love to know more about that project.

    I <3 my kievs

  6. Nicely done, and there are lots of wonderful FD lenses (and also nice FD-mount aftermarket lenses, such as Vivitar Series 1 in FD-mount).

    Here is my question:

    How hard would this be to do on a slightly later Canon dSLR, such as XT, XTi, 20D ??

    Do you know of anyone who has done this, and has published a how-to on the net?

    Look forward to your future projects,

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