Neuros Set Top Box With Wiimote


The Neuros set top box, called Link, is a disc-less computer running Ubuntu. Neuros encourages hacking and finding new ways to use the unit, as can be seen in their latest article explaining how to get a Wiimote to work with it. The results are pretty slick, as you can see in the video above. We can’t imagine trying to use the on screen keyboard with it, but it seems to work nice for basic navigation.

10 thoughts on “Neuros Set Top Box With Wiimote

  1. that’s pretty slick. the wiimote movement seems surprisingly smooth and precise.

    what’s the deal w/ the neuros box, anybody know? do they have deals with the content providers or are they tapping into the pre-existing streams?

  2. Too bad this link thingy doesn’t seem to have composite video output like their older offering; it would be just the thing to put network-streamed series eps on my 25-inch TV. My 25-inch analog TV. I have a nice 25-inch analog TV in a room for which that’s a nice size, and I don’t feel like buying a HDTV for the hour or two per month of TV I watch. But it would be nice to move to net content on the old box now that the FCC has sold me out.

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