Sound Effects Box


At first glance, this may look like a retro styled monome, but it is actually quite different. Merging a Project64 key pad and a Voice Shield for Arduino, [Spikenzie] has made a sound effects box. Each button triggers a unique sound that is stored in the Voice Shield. Of coarse, it will be like a game of memory trying to remember what sound is where. You can see a demo video here.

9 thoughts on “Sound Effects Box

  1. Its so easy for you pukes to criticize peoples work when you couldn’t even duplicate what you just saw, instead of bragging to the www about how dumb you are just stay quiet and learn something. i think its pretty neat and I will attempt to build one myself.

  2. Can I get one made with just two buttons ?
    One will be a Rimshot for when I tell jokes that need a little boost after the punchline.

    and one button for the sound of crickets for jokes that don’t go over at all !!!

    Please let me know when I can put my order in.
    Thanks- Mark – Not quite making a living in comedy yet – Hetzner

  3. I have this carrier and the baby bjorn active. My son was born in May in 90 degree weather so this carrier was way to hot to use outdoors, at least with the infant insert.

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