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[Xenonjon] wanted to make a Heads Up Display that he could use while maintaining the ability to see. The most logical choice was a monocular set up.  He had an old Eye-Trek laying around and decided to sacrifice it to make his Heads Up Display. Combining a screen from his TV glasses and a wireless security camera setup, he was able to achieve an untethered monocular HUD. This has a multitude of uses, from displaying vital information, to home made night vision, or just watching TV while you work.

There’s plenty of good pictures and information there. The final result is a pair of safety glasses with the display and a pack that you have to put on your belt that holds batteries and the wireless receiver.  It seems as though it isn’t horribly cumbersome, but we’d have to try it for a while to say if it would be ergonomically sound.

13 thoughts on “Monocular Head Mounted Display

  1. so how long till some gun nut goes off the deep end and makes one for his assault rifle?

    the only reason why I ask is because I want some one else besides myself to take the blame for it.

  2. All it needs is an eye tracking system, and it’d be perfect for paintball. Select a few targets just by focusing on them for a brief moment, then move your eyes to the next target, and let the computer do the rest of the tracking for you, so you know where your targets are at all times.

    Eh, who am I kidding? This would still be AMAZING for screwing around with electronics. Pull up vital info on the fly while making another creation with your arduino.

  3. Good choice of LCD glasses to use for the mod, I have several pairs of LCD glasses; Sony Glasstron PLM-700 & PLM-A35 models, Rimax Virual Vision 2.0, iTheater, & I-Visor DH-4400VP(D) 3D. Plus have owned the Virtual IO, Olympus FMD-200 & Rimax Virtual Vision 4.0XL.

    The Olympus & Sony glasses have superb prism optics whilst the others (apart from the I-Visor) have terrible straight-lens optics, the Rimax glasses should be avoided at all costs because you can’t align your eyes up properly with the screens no matter how hard you try.

    Using LCD glasses for a long time isn’t all about eyestrain but how comfortable they are to wear, the Rimax 2.0 & 4.0 have straps and so squeeze your head giving you a headache (if you can bear to look at the screens for long enough) whilst the Olympus & Sony are much nicer to wear as they’re traditional glasses-with-arms type -apart from the PLM-700’s which strap onto your head but are actually comfortable to use for an hour or two.

    After an hour or two even with good LCD glasses you can get eyestrain, but using one screen+optics from an Olympus FMD-200 in that style I don’t think you’d get a lot of eyestrain because you can still see the real world around you which your eyes are naturally used to.
    The Sony PLM-700’s have see-through capability where you can see right through the LCD screens (or have them blanked off by means of a secondary LCD screen that blacks out) but this feature gets annoying because it’s like wearing sunglasses and in sunlight the LCD screens aren’t that bright anyway.

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