IR Controlled Light Dimmer


This is a pretty useful device. It is an IR controlled light dimmer. It goes in line with the main power and controls how much gets through to your light. You can adjust the brightness with a TV remote control. Finally, we can retire our clapper! These are commercially available, but making your own is just so much more fun. You may have to dig a little on their site for the schematics and programming. There are tons of other projects there as well so have fun.  You can see a video of it in action after the break.


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14 thoughts on “IR Controlled Light Dimmer

  1. except for the proto board i could probably build this for free where as x10 set up is $20….even if it cost more to diy i would probably still do it…most people dont relize us hackers and crackers do this because we can and we enjoy it
    theres is nothing better imho than the feeling of know i can take old junk that would otherwise end up in a landfill make somthing useful out of it…
    well enough of my ranting this is cool props to the builder…peace

  2. @dbgtwill1-

    I agree, but how about combining the two? I’ve got an IR receiver connected to a PC with LIRC (actually a mythtv frontend/backend) and I’ve put an X10 controller on the PC. Along with controlling the mythtv functions, I’ve assigned a few buttons on the remote to control the lighting, including some presets for ‘movie mode’ (all lights off) and ‘sports mode’ (lights over the bar on full, other lights at 50%).

  3. What I would like to see is that, when my movie ends, I would like to push the on button and have the lights do a 10 (or so) second fade in without me having to push and hold the up button on the remote. I’m guessing that would take some kind of programmed chip to make that happen. Do any of you know if this is possible?

  4. Hi,
    On this site there is a

    Electrical circuit IR light dimmer ,I n need a genius engineer can modification to work as follows:
    I – delete from TSOP17 of the circle
    II – introduces a DC 12V to filed and offset current, ranging from zero to 12 volts
    So that the work piece looks like when the light is zero OFF when the amount of any increase light also increase. At 12 volts greater intensity
    III- Addition or deletion or amendment to the pieces as needed

    I need this in my study . Is this possible?

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