The ponginator

All bow your heads in reverence to the Ponginator. This bad boy is a performance robot, mounted to the end of a 3 story tall crane. He makes all kinds of noises, flashes all kinds of lights, and shoots ping pong balls at 170 miles an hour. This thing looks like it would be so much fun to play with. listen to it as he’s talking and you’ll pick out all kinds of Sci Fi sound effects, from Portal sounds to Star Trek sounds. Check out the second video on the site to actually see the Ponginator shooting.

11 thoughts on “The ponginator

  1. I saw this in person at the MakerFaire in Austin. It is simply FUN!

    The adult spectators loved it and admired the subtleties, complexity and creativity that went into it. The kids totally loved it and that is truly the most important of all.

    Quote: “The terminal velocity of a ping pong ball is only around 20 mph, so they would slow down real fast.” Dude, they were going *real-fast*! Nobody said the balls had enough -distance- to slow down to their term. velocity; They got embedded in the ceiling on a few shots!

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