Experiments In Polaroid


[Peter] found that Polaroid film was an easy medium to play with, as the ability to develop it is built in. He has done several fun experiments, from electrocuting it to making giant mozaics. The Polaroid film may not be easy to get your hands on though. They stopped producing it in the summer of 2008. Some former employees are trying hard to get it back into production, but that may never happen. Polaroid has recently received permission to sell itself at auction. We’ll just have to wait and see.

16 thoughts on “Experiments In Polaroid

  1. Kind of neat photos, especially the static fields, but god is that guy ever an obnoxious douche:

    “I disrupt the authority and authenticity inherent to Polaroid imaging. I am able to disorient an audience’s preconceived understanding of how the world around them works.”

    Ummm…yeah. You exposed the polaroid film with an enlarger. Oh noes, the foundations of my reality are crumbling!11!!!

  2. Oh man you beat me to it, I had that paragraph copied and ready to paste into this comment.
    He’s probably not a bad guy – most artists (design students etc) feel they have to speak that crap. I have a few friends who I tease from time to time about it.

  3. have done Kirlian photography. It really helps to have a dead camera to use as the developer though, and make sure that you wear gloves as the developer chemicals are not nice (NaOH+organic acids)

    I used a spare B/W film under infrared light (so my camera/monitor could see it) and this worked well.


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