PSP As A Status Monitor

[Avi] sent in his PSP as a status monitor hack(zip). He’s using Lua on the PSP, so you have to install LuaPlayer. The computer side is written in python, so it should be cross platform. Last time we saw a psp as an extra monitor, it had more capabilities, but it was limited to Windows. You’ll find the Lua script as well as the python in the zip file. It’s a nice use for an extra psp.

23 thoughts on “PSP As A Status Monitor

  1. @felippe

    There are other reason this would be used. A PSP with broken buttons (such as the shutdown switch) or an older model if you have an updated one.

    hoping for a more constructive feedback iron fist comment admin style – Zee

  2. The hack is great, however it isn’t multi-platform — it depends on a lot of *nix specific commands like top, free, sensors(which in and of itself requires a lot of configuration), and datetime. It’s a really good example of how to connect Python and pspLua, and I think the source code should be modifiable to work with windows (although I’m not sure what the windows CLI equivilants of any of these commands are).

  3. People who say this is a waste of PSP clearly don’t have the “hack spirit”. It’s not like “this feature sucks”, it’s all about making a device do something totally different it was meant to.

  4. Nevermind the fact that this works without connecting the PSP to the computer. That definitely wouldn’t give it the upper hand over an lcd at all, no….


    Good use of a psp, though I’m not a fan of LUA Player. Just seems cheap and dirty against actually compiling a PSP app.

  5. Hi everyone, I wrote this hack a couple of days ago and thought someone else might find it useful.

    mydnight – You’re right the Python part isn’t cross platform, but you can write your own program that will send a status image/message to the PSP very easily, if you want something minimalistic try running ‘echo -n “test123#test#”|nc 80’

    akoi meexx – Lua is cheap and dirty which exactly the reason I used it, the entire thing was written in a couple of hours.

  6. Wow! This is excellent! Just the thing I need. I have an Asus EEE 1000H, and it’s hard to tell when the processor is overheating. If only I was running linux :(
    Any chance of there being Windows version?

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